A Social Experiment

Offline Valentine is a fun social event exclusively for singles. These events were first launched in February 2019, taking place in Geelong and Melbourne. The social experiment was so popular that we began planning to take the event to all capital cities around Australia.

Offline Valentine is a three hour event, which includes an exciting ice-breaker activity upon arrival, free drinks and tasty nibbles (dietary requirements considered).

Venues are selected to ensure conversations are effortless – no need for shouting over a live band. Our mixologists (event hosts) make introductions easy, and help to exchange details amongst guests.

The most important aspect, is that our singles event is focussed on creating meaningful connections. Here’s what our clients had to say:

We were a good match on some key levels. He was wiling to go deep and vulnerable and to me that’s key to relating. I think he got a bit freaked out at the rapid opening, and we both felt intense feelings, and he expressed fear of too much too soon. We chatted about that openly too, it was great. Exchanged numbers, had a goodnight text… if nothing else, it was a deeply moving loving experience last night. I live for that stuff!!!

Female, 42, Geelong attendee

I would say it was very well organised and a lot of thought went into to making it a great night. The questions were not as intense or as confronting as I thought they may have been, it made a big difference in reading through them prior to the event.